British pronunciation/dɪstˈɪl/
American pronunciation/dɪˈstɪɫ/

to heat a liquid and turn it into gas then cool it and make it liquid again in order to purify it


to purify and concentrate alcoholic beverages by heating and cooling to separate alcohol from other substances, enhancing its purity and potency

What is "distill"?


Distillation is a process used to create distilled spirits from wine. Distilled spirits are beverages with a higher alcohol content than wine, typically between 40-50% ABV. The distillation process involves heating the wine in a still, which causes the alcohol to vaporize and separate from the other components of the wine. The alcohol vapor is then condensed back into a liquid form, which is collected in a separate container. This process results in a clear, colorless liquid that is higher in alcohol content than the original wine. The type of distilled spirit that is produced depends on the type of wine that is used as the base, as well as the specific distillation process that is used. Some of the most popular types of distilled spirits made from wine include brandy, which is made from distilled wine, and vermouth, which is a fortified wine that has been flavored with herbs and spices.


(of a liquid) to fall or ooze out slowly and in small droplets


to turn into vapor and then condense back into a liquid

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