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Nail scissors

British pronunciation/nˈeɪl sˈɪsəz/
American pronunciation/nˈeɪl sˈɪsɚz/
Nail scissors

a small pair of scissors with curved blades used for cutting or trimming the nails

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nail scissors definition and meaning

What are "nail scissors"?

Nail scissors are small, sharp cutting tools specifically designed for trimming and shaping fingernails and toenails. They have curved or straight blades with pointed tips, allowing for precise and controlled cutting. Nail scissors are commonly used in personal care routines to maintain nail length and shape, remove hangnails, and trim cuticles. They offer more control and precision compared to nail clippers, making them ideal for detailed nail grooming. Nail scissors should be used with caution to avoid accidents or injury, and regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for hygienic use.

1These are going to be different than nail scissors.
2A small pair of nail scissors or maybe a seam ripper are best.
3Life update, I got a massive chunk of sticky, gluey nail stuff out of my nail scissors, so that was great.
4so if you've been suffering from crack nails Do you want to try nail scissors?
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