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Lip liner

British pronunciation/lˈɪp lˈaɪnə/
American pronunciation/lˈɪp lˈaɪnɚ/
Lip liner

a cosmetic put on the outline of the lips to prevent lipstick or lip gloss from spreading

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lip liner definition and meaning

What is a "lip liner"?

A lip liner is a cosmetic tool used to define and shape the lips. It is a pencil-like product specifically designed for outlining the natural contours of the lips, creating a well-defined border, and preventing lipstick from feathering or bleeding. Lip liner is typically applied before lipstick or lip gloss to enhance the shape and size of the lips, providing a more precise and polished look. It can also be used to reshape the lips or correct any asymmetry. Lip liner comes in a range of shades to match various lipstick colors and can be blended or filled in to create a base for longer-lasting lip color. It is a versatile product that helps achieve a more defined and professional finish to the overall lip makeup.

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