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Nail bed

British pronunciation/nˈeɪl bˈɛd/
American pronunciation/nˈeɪl bˈɛd/
Nail bed

a layer of cells upon which the fingernail or toenail lies

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nail bed definition and meaning

What is "nail bed"?

The nail bed is the area of skin beneath the nail plate, extending from the base of the nail to the free edge. It provides a foundation for the growth and attachment of the nail. The nail bed is rich in blood vessels, which give the nail its pinkish hue. It plays a crucial role in the nourishment and growth of the nail, supplying nutrients and oxygen. The health of the nail bed is essential for the overall condition of the nail and can be influenced by factors such as trauma, infections, and underlying medical conditions. Understanding the anatomy and function of the nail bed is important for maintaining nail health and identifying potential issues affecting the nails.

1- Massage a small amount of olive oil into each nail bed.
2Below the plate is the nail bed.
3- She has really good nail beds.
4I apply pre-primer and primer on her nail beds.
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