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Lip gloss

British pronunciation/lˈɪp ɡlˈɒs/
American pronunciation/lˈɪp ɡlˈɔs/
Lip gloss

a cosmetic substance applied to the lips to give them a shiny and solid color effect

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lip gloss definition and meaning

What is a "lip gloss"?

A lip gloss is a cosmetic product used to add shine, moisture, and a touch of color to the lips. It is typically formulated with ingredients such as oils, waxes, and emollients that provide a glossy and lustrous finish. Lip gloss can be applied alone for a natural and subtle look or layered over lipstick to enhance the color and shine. It helps to make the lips appear fuller and more hydrated, giving them a youthful and vibrant appearance. Lip gloss is available in various shades and finishes, from sheer and translucent to high-shine and sparkly, allowing individuals to customize their desired lip look. It is a popular choice for those seeking a glossy and glamorous finish to their lips while keeping them moisturized and visually appealing.

1Do bisexuals have lip gloss?
2shine, ultra cushion lip gloss.
3Lots of liquid lipsticks, got lip glosses here.
4Lip gloss, to put on top of your lipstick.
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