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First finger

British pronunciation/fˈɜːst fˈɪŋɡə/
American pronunciation/fˈɜːst fˈɪŋɡɚ/
First finger

the finger that is next to the thumb; the second digit of the human hand

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first finger definition and meaning

What is a "first finger"?

A first finger, commonly known as the index finger or pointer finger, is the digit located adjacent to the thumb. It is longer and more prominent than the other fingers and plays a crucial role in pointing, indicating, and manipulating objects. The first finger is essential for tasks that require precision, such as writing, picking up small items, and operating devices. It also serves as a reference point for hand movements and gestures. Understanding the anatomy and function of the first finger is important for fine motor skills, communication, and overall hand coordination.

1Violas, first finger only on C string and cellos same thing.
2Basses first finger on the E string.
3Have your first finger down.
4Rock pentatonic licks really involve your first finger and your third finger.
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