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British pronunciation/ˈʃeɪp.weə/
American pronunciation/ˈʃeɪp.wer/

body-contouring undergarments worn to shape and smooth the body under clothing

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shapewear definition and meaning

What is "shapewear"?

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that is designed to shape and contour the body, creating a smoother and more streamlined silhouette. It is typically made from materials such as nylon, spandex, or a blend of both, and is available in many different styles, including bodysuits, high-waisted shorts, and camisoles. Shapewear works by compressing and redistributing body fat and may include additional features such as built-in bras, underwire support, or targeted compression zones. It is popular for its ability to enhance the appearance of the body, particularly under form-fitting clothing, and is often worn for special occasions or events. However, some people find shapewear uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time due to its tight fit and compression.

1The key to Joan Holloway's va-va-voom silhouette was shapewear.
2Shapewear with a pee hole.
3"Is shapewear with pee hole better?"
4-Wait, "is shapewear with pee hole better?"
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