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Baby doll

British pronunciation/ˈbeɪbi dɒl/
American pronunciation/ˈbeɪbi dɑl/
Baby doll

a short, loose-fitting dress or nightgown, often with a ruffled or lacy hemline, typically worn as sleepwear or as a cute and playful style of dress

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baby doll definition and meaning

What is a "baby doll"?

A baby doll is a type of women's nightwear that typically consists of a short, loose-fitting dress or negligee that falls above the knee. It is often made from lightweight and soft materials such as silk, cotton, or lace and features delicate embellishments such as ribbons, bows, or ruffles. Baby dolls are designed to be comfortable and sensual, and may include sheer or transparent elements that reveal some skin. They come in many different styles, including spaghetti straps, halter necks, or off-the-shoulder designs, and are available in various colors and patterns. Baby dolls are popular for their flirtatious and playful style, and are often worn as sleepwear or for intimate occasions.


a type of doll, usually made of plastic or cloth, designed to resemble an infant or young child and intended for nurturing and role-playing activities

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1I love you, baby doll.
2My daughter can notice a baby doll from like a mile away.
3My daughter is really into baby dolls and magic tricks.
4It's malysh, malyshka or baby doll - pupsik
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