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Hazmat suit

British pronunciation/hˈazmat sˈuːt/
American pronunciation/hˈæzmæt sˈuːt/
Hazmat suit

a protective garment worn by hazardous materials (hazmat) workers to safeguard against exposure to hazardous substances or environments

synonyms : chemical suit
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hazmat suit definition and meaning

What is a "hazmat suit"?

A hazmat suit, also known as a hazardous materials suit, is a type of protective clothing designed to shield the wearer from hazardous materials. Typically made of impermeable materials, such as rubber, plastic, or Tyvek, a hazmat suit is designed to prevent the wearer from coming into contact with harmful chemicals, infectious agents, or radioactive materials. It typically consists of a one-piece coverall with a built-in hood and respirator, along with gloves and boots. Hazmat suits are commonly used by emergency responders, healthcare workers, and hazardous waste workers when dealing with hazardous materials that could pose a risk to their health and safety.

1They had people with hazmat suits out there.
2Our prop department could only afford one of those fake hazmat suits.
3For the 2022 Winter Games, the Olympic mascot might just be a man in a hazmat suit.
4Everyone's in hazmat suits.
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