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Bunker gear

British pronunciation/ˈbʌŋkə gɪə/
American pronunciation/ˈbʌŋkər gɪr/
Bunker gear

firefighter's protective clothing used during firefighting operations

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bunker gear definition and meaning

What is a "bunker gear"?

Bunker gear, also known as turnout gear or fire kit, is specialized protective clothing used by firefighters during firefighting operations. It typically consists of a heavy-duty coat, pants, helmet, gloves, and boots, which are designed to protect firefighters from the extreme heat, flames, and smoke encountered during a fire. The coat and pants are made of fire-resistant materials such as Nomex or Kevlar and often have reflective stripes for better visibility. The helmet is designed to protect the firefighter's head from falling debris and high temperatures. The gloves and boots are made of materials that offer thermal insulation and protection against sharp objects. Bunker gear is essential for firefighters' safety and allows them to perform their duties effectively in hazardous environments.

1Soushi's putting on his bokai AKA bunker gear
2And we knew it was him because on the back of his bunker gear it had his name.
3So, once she said go ahead and go, I just ran to my locker, took off my clothes, put on my bunker gear and got on the first truck out.
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