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British pronunciation/ˈbu bu/
American pronunciation/ˈbu bu/

a loose, colorful garment worn in West Africa, often consisting of a long gown or caftan worn by both men and women for various occasions

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boubou definition and meaning

What is a "boubou"?

A boubou is a type of loose-fitting garment that originated from West Africa and is commonly worn in various parts of the continent. The boubou typically consists of two pieces of clothing - a long, loose-fitting robe-like garment and a pair of matching pants. The robe is usually worn over the pants and features wide, flowing sleeves and a generous amount of fabric that provides ample coverage and comfort. The boubou is often made from lightweight, brightly colored fabrics such as cotton or silk and can be decorated with intricate embroidery or beading. It is worn by both men and women and is popular for both casual and formal occasions.

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