Nail clippers
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British pronunciation/neɪl klɪpəz/
American pronunciation/neɪl klɪpɚz/

the object that people use to cut and shorten their fingernails and toenails

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nail clippers definition and meaning

What are "nail clippers"?

Nail clippers are handheld grooming tools designed to trim and shape fingernails and toenails. They consist of two sharp blades attached to a lever mechanism, allowing for precise and efficient nail cutting. With a simple squeezing motion, the blades cut through the nails, creating clean and neat edges. Nail clippers come in various sizes and designs, including standard clippers for general nail trimming and smaller clippers for more precise nail work. They are widely used for maintaining nail length, preventing nails from becoming too long or jagged and ensuring a well-groomed appearance. Nail clippers are an essential tool for personal care routines, promoting nail health and hygiene.

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