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British pronunciation/tˈɒfiː/
American pronunciation/ˈtɑfi/

a soft sweet which is made by boiling butter and sugar together and flavoring it

synonyms : brittle
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toffee definition and meaning

What is "toffee"?

Toffee is a type of candy that is made by cooking sugar and butter together until it reaches a hard, brittle consistency. The process usually involves heating the ingredients over a low flame and stirring constantly to prevent burning. As the mixture cooks, it thickens and darkens in color, developing a rich, caramelized flavor. Toffee can be flavored with a variety of ingredients, such as nuts, chocolate, or vanilla, and can be coated in chocolate or other toppings. It is a popular candy around the world and is often enjoyed as a sweet treat or given as a gift. Toffee is also used in a variety of desserts, such as pies and cakes, to add a crunchy, sweet element.

1He can't paint for toffee!
2She can't sing for toffee.
3We made a classic English dessert, sticky toffee pudding.
4They only eat toffee.
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