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British pronunciation/lˈʌɡwɜːm/
American pronunciation/ˈɫəɡwɝm/

a sandworm that lives near the sea and is used as bait for fishing

synonyms : lobworm
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lugworm definition and meaning

What is a "lugworm"?

A lugworm is a marine annelid worm belonging to the family Arenicolidae. It has an elongated, cylindrical body and segmented appearance. Lugworms are commonly found in sandy coastal areas, where they burrow into the substrate. They play a crucial role in enhancing sediment turnover and nutrient cycling. Their burrows also provide a habitat for various organisms. Lugworms are known for their ability to survive in oxygen-poor environments and are often used as bait in recreational fishing.

1Tiny bits of plastic are having an impact on lugworms, which are an important source of food for many animals.
2Sandworms live in deep tunnels at the bottom of the sea, where they prey on lugworms and some small bivalves.
3If ocean sediments are heavily contaminated with microplastics, marine lugworms eat less and their energy levels suffer.
4Also, ingesting microplastic can also reduce the health of lugworms by delivering harmful chemicals.
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