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British pronunciation/djˈɔːɹəm/
American pronunciation/ˈdʊɹəm/

a type of dark and hard wheat that is grown in dry regions, used to make pasta

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durum definition and meaning

What is "durum"?

Durum, a type of wheat known for its hard texture, golden color, and high protein content, is commonly used to make semolina flour for pasta production. It possesses a distinct nutty flavor and a firm, chewy texture when cooked. Durum wheat is highly regarded for its ability to hold its shape and provide a satisfying bite, making it an ideal choice for creating delectable pasta dishes that maintain their structure and absorb sauces effectively.

1They enjoyed a comforting durum soup on a chilly evening.
2You can use durum flour to make homemade bread.
3Other flours like durum or emmer will also work.
4Dry pasta is always durum wheat flour and water.
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