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British pronunciation/kˈɜːluː/
American pronunciation/kˈɜːluː/

a large bird of passage with a long downcurved bill and a two-note call

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curlew definition and meaning

What is a "curlew"?

A curlew is a large, long-billed wading bird that inhabits coastal and wetland areas. With its distinctive, downward-curving bill and mottled brown plumage, the curlew is known for its haunting, melodious call that carries across marshes and estuaries. These graceful birds are highly adapted to their environments, using their long bills to probe deep into the mud in search of insects, crustaceans, and other small creatures. Curlews are migratory birds, traveling long distances to breed in the northern parts of their range and wintering in coastal areas or grasslands. They form flocks during migration, creating a captivating spectacle as they fly in synchronized patterns. Curlews are not only beautiful but also important indicators of wetland health, as their presence reflects the ecological balance of these delicate ecosystems.

1Now, I'd like to walk us through movement four, the curlew scherzo.
2We'll get back to the curlew scherzo a little later.
3So note-for-note, that's more or less what the curlew was singing.
4I also noticed that from time to time, the curlew will bounce off that bottom note a few extra times rather than just moving up.
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