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British pronunciation/kˈɜːbɪŋ/
American pronunciation/ˈkɝbɪŋ/

an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter)

synonyms : curb
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curbing definition and meaning
1When we laid the cement curbing, I didn't know that they had laid it
2There will be some curbing, of course, some of these companies will advantage themselves have crypto's ethos, and then launch new products, shovel their customers from the crypto to non-crypto experiences and use that to corner the market.
3On the back end, I'm just going to tell you on the federal side, obviously, the surging of resources, manufacturing, get us stuff and get it fast, the curbing of prices, that kind of stuff that only the federal government can do, but most of the tactical stuff can be done at the local and state level.
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