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Cinnamon bark

British pronunciation/sˈɪnəmən bˈɑːk/
American pronunciation/sˈɪnəmən bˈɑːɹk/
Cinnamon bark

aromatic bark used as a spice

synonyms : cinnamon
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cinnamon bark definition and meaning

aromatic bark of Saigon cinnamon used medicinally as a carminative

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1We'll add the cinnamon bark, some peppers, some cloves, and some bay leaves.
2And then, I do have some Vietnamese cinnamon bark.
3But it does have a little bit of cinnamon bark, a little bit of ginger, and cardamom seed.
4Doctors have used a compound from cinnamon bark to ward off bacterial infections like MRSA, and in another experiment rosmarinic acid added to hamburger meat reduced the level of carcinogens after cooking.
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