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British pronunciation/sˈɪnk/
American pronunciation/ˈsɪŋk/

the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

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cinque definition and meaning
1Cioè settantacinque più sei, settantacinque più sei più sei, ho preso cinque per quindici, ho sostituito la soluzione, dovrebbe essere uguale a dodici.
2I have Florence, Braga, Luca, Cinque-Terra, and Rome. -
3So it's Cinque, Leopold Brothers, and Bruto Americano are just some of the drinks that are being used.
4There are signs that Peruvian tribes might have been using guano as fertilizers early as 100 A.D. and there's archaeology on the Cinque islands, the most prolific of the Guano Islands, saying that it might have been mined there in the first millennia A.D. but we know by the 14th century that the Incas so valued guano, that it was a capital offense to kill a guano producing bird, that is to say, the Incas had laws to preserve seabird ecology 700 years ago.
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