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British pronunciation/t‍ʃˈɪɡɐ/
American pronunciation/tʃˈɪɡɚ/

the larvae of an insect related to mites which is red or orange and feeds on the skin cells of warm-blooded animal

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chigger definition and meaning

What is a "chigger"?

A chigger is a tiny arachnid belonging to the family Trombiculidae. These minuscule pests are usually reddish-orange or yellowish in color and are commonly found in grassy and wooded areas. Chiggers are notorious for their bites, which can cause intense itching and discomfort. They typically attach themselves to the skin of mammals, including humans, and feed on their skin cells. Chigger bites are most prevalent during warm weather and can be prevented by using insect repellents and taking precautionary measures such as wearing long sleeves and pants when in chigger-prone areas.


small tropical flea; the fertile female burrows under the skin of the host including humans

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1Soothes Mosquito Bites Rubbing alcohol can even be used to help relieve pain and discomfort that are sustained from mosquito and chigger bites by lessening the pain, swelling and discomfort.
2Alright, so what we're trying to figure out is did we get the bug bites, are they like chigger bites from being outside, which is really really common in Missouri. -
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