Carrion crow
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British pronunciation/kˈaɹiən kɹˈəʊ/
American pronunciation/kˈæɹiən kɹˈoʊ/

a medium-sized all black passerine bird of the crow family, found in Eurasia

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carrion crow definition and meaning

What is a "carrion crow"?

A Carrion Crow is a relatively large passerine bird, typically measuring 45-59 centimeters long and weighing 350-650 grams. These birds have black plumage and a thick, powerful beak adapted for scavenging and eating carrion. They are commonly found throughout much of Europe and Asia and are known for their loud, raucous cawing calls. Carrion Crows are highly adaptable and can be found in a wide range of habitats, from woodlands and farmland to urban environments. They are often associated with human settlements and can be seen foraging for food in parks, gardens, and on roadsides. Although they are primarily scavengers, they will also feed on insects, small mammals, and the eggs and chicks of other birds.

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