Above the law
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British pronunciation/əbˌʌv ðə lˈɔː/
American pronunciation/əbˌʌv ðə lˈɔː/

not bound by the legal rules and consequences that others must follow

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above the law definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "above the law" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "above the law" can be traced back to the concept of legal systems and governance. It reflects the idea that no one should be exempt from the laws that apply to society as a whole. The notion of being "above the law" has historical roots in the struggle for justice and equality, where rulers, monarchs, or influential individuals were often perceived as having special privileges or immunities that shielded them from legal consequences.

The corporate executive's flagrant disregard for environmental regulations showcased a belief of being above the law, prioritizing profits over legal obligations.
The corrupt politician's actions reflected a sense of being above the law, as they continued to abuse their power and evade accountability.
The powerful crime syndicate operated with impunity, giving the impression that they considered themselves above the law and untouchable by authorities.
The celebrity's behavior at the airport demonstrated a sense of entitlement, as they acted as if they were above the law by bypassing security procedures.
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Meaning of "Above the law"
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