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Hiking boot

British pronunciation/ˈhaɪ.kɪŋ ˌbuːt/
American pronunciation/ˈhaɪ.kɪŋ ˌbuːt/
Hiking boot

a type of shoe made for walking on rough terrains and long distances, often used for outdoor activities like hiking or camping

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hiking boot definition and meaning

What is a "hiking boot"?

A hiking boot is a type of footwear designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. They are typically made with durable materials like leather or synthetic fabrics and feature a sturdy, supportive sole that offers traction and stability on rough terrain. Hiking boots can be ankle-height or higher for increased protection and often feature features like waterproof membranes or breathable linings to keep feet dry and comfortable. Some hiking boots also have additional features like toe caps or protective plates to guard against rocks and other hazards. With their rugged construction and advanced features, hiking boots provide the necessary support and protection for outdoor enthusiasts who need to tackle rough terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.

1Dan kicks off his hiking boots after a long hike.
2The other guy took his hiking boots off, and put the running shoes on.
3Dan is lacing up his hiking boots and then he ties the laces into a double knot.
4We've had people run in our hiking boots, which is really just a high-top version of the Prio.
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