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Coin purse

British pronunciation/kɔɪn pɜːs/
American pronunciation/kɔɪn pɜrs/
Coin purse

a small bag for coins, typically made of fabric, leather, or other materials, with a closure for convenient storage and organization

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coin purse definition and meaning

What is a "coin purse"?

A coin purse is a small bag or pouch that is typically used to hold coins or other small items such as credit cards, IDs, or keys. These purses are often made of leather or fabric and can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some coin purses have a clasp or zipper to keep the contents secure, while others may have a drawstring closure. Coin purses are convenient and portable, making them ideal for carrying small items without the bulk of a larger bag. They can also be fashionable accessories, with many designers creating stylish and unique designs.

1So for example, I can't take change, somebody hands me change, I can't take change, I have to use a coin purse, or I can't hold a tray.
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