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Fishnet stockings

British pronunciation/fˈɪʃnɛt stˈɒkɪŋz/
American pronunciation/fˈɪʃnɛt stˈɑːkɪŋz/
Fishnet stockings

a type of hosiery made with an open, net-like pattern resembling the texture of fishnets, often worn for fashion or as a form of lingerie or costume accessory

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fishnet stockings definition and meaning

What are "fishnet stockings"?

Fishnet stockings are a type of hosiery that features an open, diamond-shaped knit pattern. They are typically made from nylon or a nylon blend and are known for their distinctively sexy and provocative look. Fishnet stockings can be worn with a variety of outfits, ranging from formal dresses to more casual ensembles. They come in a range of colors and styles, including different sizes of knit patterns, and can be paired with other hosiery accessories such as garters and thigh-high boots. Fishnet stockings have been a popular fashion trend since the 1920s, and continue to be a popular choice for women seeking a daring and alluring look.

1I'm gonna wear fishnet stockings and a leather jacket.
2Former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya made headlines in 2007 when photos showed the athlete wearing fishnet stockings and high heels and hanging out with another woman while he was married to his wife, Millie Corretjer.
3We might as well wear fishnet stockings and paraded the streets for the men to take us in.
4Last year Lady Gaga showed up at it with fishnet stockings up to here and I don't even know, I saw her sit two rows in front of me in a thong with 4 inch spikes on the back of it.
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