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British pronunciation/wˈʊlvəɹˌiːn/
American pronunciation/ˌwʊɫvɝˈin/

a wild mammal of the weasel family with a long tail and brown fur that could be found in cold parts of Europe and North America

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wolverine definition and meaning

What is a "wolverine"?

The wolverine, also known as the "skunk bear" or "glutton," is a large mammal native to the northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. Wolverines are known for their stocky build, powerful jaws, and sharp claws. They have a thick and dense fur that is usually dark brown or black in color, which helps them withstand the cold climates of their native habitats. Wolverines have a reputation for their ferocity and fearlessness, often taking on prey much larger than themselves. They are excellent hunters and scavengers, with a diet that includes small mammals, carrion, and even larger animals such as caribou or moose. Wolverines are known for their incredible strength and endurance, as well as their ability to traverse long distances in search of food. They are solitary animals and are well-adapted to living in harsh, remote environments.


musteline mammal of northern Eurasia

synonyms : glutton
Gulo gulo
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a native or resident of Michigan

synonyms : Michigander
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1My first impulse is Wolverine.
2- The best audition for me was Wolverine.
3The next one is Wolverine.
4His dad is Wolverine.
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