British pronunciation/wˈe‍ɪsla‍ɪn/
American pronunciation/ˈweɪstˌɫaɪn/

the measurement around the middle part of someone's body

What is the "waistline"?


The waistline is the narrowest part of the torso, located between the ribcage and the hips. In clothing, the waistline can refer to the position of a garment's waistband, which is designed to sit at or near the wearer's natural waistline. The location of the waistline can greatly influence the overall look and feel of a garment and can be designed to flatter different body types. For example, a high-waisted skirt can create the illusion of longer legs and a more defined waistline, while a lower waistline can elongate the torso and create a more relaxed, casual look. The waistline can also be embellished with details such as belts, pleats, or gathers, to add visual interest and accentuate the waistline. Overall, the waistline is an important design element that can greatly impact the fit, style, and functionality of a garment.


an imaginary line around the middle of a vehicle at the bottom of the windows


the placement of the waist on a piece of clothing, can be high, low, or at the natural waist

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