British pronunciation/ʌmbɹˈɛlɐ/
American pronunciation/ˈəmˌbɹɛɫə/, /əmˈbɹɛɫə/

an object with a circular folding frame covered in cloth, used as protection against rain or sun

What is an "umbrella"?


An umbrella is a portable device designed to protect a person from rain or sunlight. It consists of a canopy made of waterproof material such as nylon or polyester, supported by a central shaft with ribs that extend to the edges of the canopy. Umbrellas can be collapsible or non-collapsible, with the former being the most common. Collapsible umbrellas can be further divided into three types: compact, folding, and automatic. A compact umbrella folds down to a very small size, making it easy to carry in a bag or purse. A folding umbrella has two or more sections that fold in on itself for compact storage. An automatic umbrella has a mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed with the push of a button. Umbrellas are often used as a fashion accessories and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs.


a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets


having the function of uniting a group of similar things


covering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups

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