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British pronunciation/ˌʊltɹɐsənˈɒɡɹəfi/
American pronunciation/ˌʊltɹɐsənˈɑːɡɹəfi/

using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram); commonly used to observe fetal growth or study bodily organs

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ultrasonography definition and meaning
1Prenatal testing includes ultrasonography of the fetus to detect developmental anomalies, amniocentesis to obtain amniotic fluid for viral culture or CMV PCR, or fetal blood sampling for CMV PCR or cytomegalovirus-specific IgM antibody measurement.
2Neuroimaging of the brain by ultrasonography, unenhanced CT, or MRI, may be done, which might detect intracranial calcifications, enlarged ventricles, polymicrogyria, lenticulostriate vasculopathy, or white matter disease.
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