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British pronunciation/tɹˈæd‍ʒəs/
American pronunciation/tɹˈædʒəs/

a small, triangular projection of cartilage located in front of the ear canal, partially covering its entrance

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tragus definition and meaning

What is "tragus"?

The tragus is a small, fleshy projection located on the external part of the ear. It is composed of cartilage and is situated in front of the ear canal. The tragus helps to funnel sound waves into the ear canal and plays a role in directing and amplifying sound. It also serves as a protective feature, helping to shield the entrance of the ear canal and preventing foreign objects from easily entering.

1The tragus, on the ear anatomy, is this a little bit right here in the very front part of your ear canal.
2But this is your tragus.
3For tragus piercings specifically, we recommend a sterile saline spray one to two times a day, always after a shower.
4What we call a tragus and an anti tragus.
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