Top hat
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British pronunciation/tˈɒp hˈat/
American pronunciation/tˈɑːp hˈæt/
Top hat

a tall flat-topped hat made by silk with a narrow brim, worn by men on formal occasions

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top hat definition and meaning

What is a "top hat"?

A top hat is a tall, cylindrical hat with a flat crown, narrow brim, and usually made of silk or wool. It was first popularized in the 18th century as a formal dress accessory and eventually became a symbol of Victorian and Edwardian era gentlemen's fashion. The top hat is typically worn with formal attire, such as morning dress or white tie, and is often seen at formal events such as weddings or horse races. The top hat's height is traditionally proportional to the wearer's height, with taller individuals wearing taller hats. While it is no longer as common in everyday attire, the top hat remains a recognized icon of classic formal wear.

As the magician waved his wand, the rabbit seemed to disappear from the top hat in a blink of an eye.
His curious choice of clothing, wearing a top hat and tails to the grocery store, turned heads.
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Definition & Meaning of "Top hat"
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