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British pronunciation/tˈɑːtən/
American pronunciation/ˈtɑɹtən/

a woolen fabric patterned with lines and squares, originally from Scotland

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tartan definition and meaning

What is "tartan"?

Tartan is a patterned fabric that is traditionally associated with Scottish culture. It features intersecting stripes of different colors and sizes, arranged in a specific pattern that is unique to each clan or region. Tartan fabrics are made by weaving together threads of different colors in a specific order to create the desired pattern. The most famous tartan is the Scottish Highland tartan, which is often worn as a symbol of Scottish heritage and identity. Tartan fabrics are commonly used for kilts, skirts, jackets, and other clothing items, as well as for home decor and accessories. While tartan is closely associated with Scottish culture, it is also popular in other parts of the world and has been used in a range of fashion and design contexts.

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