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British pronunciation/pˈɛŋɡwɪn/
American pronunciation/ˈpɛŋɡwən/

a large black-and-white seabird that lives in the Antarctic, and can't fly but uses its wings for swimming

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penguin definition and meaning

What is a "penguin"?

A penguin is a flightless bird that is primarily found in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in Antarctica. It is known for its unique adaptations to life in the ocean and its iconic black and white plumage. Penguins have streamlined bodies and wings modified into flippers, enabling them to be exceptional swimmers. They primarily feed on fish and other marine organisms, diving to great depths in search of food. Penguins form large colonies for breeding, with some species exhibiting monogamous behavior and sharing parental responsibilities. They have a charming waddling walk on land and are highly adapted to cold environments, with dense feathers and a layer of fat for insulation.

1The penguins dived into the icy water for food.
2The penguin's black and white feathers provide camouflage in the water.
3During their trip to the aquarium, they witnessed penguins diving gracefully in the water.
4Penguins are birds that cannot fly but are excellent swimmers.
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