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British pronunciation/pˈɛn/
American pronunciation/pˈɛn/

a tube-shaped pasta with diagonal ends

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penne definition and meaning

What is "penne"?

Penne is a cylindrical pasta with diagonal ends, characterized by its hollow and ridged shape. The tubular design of penne allows it to hold onto sauces and toppings, ensuring each bite is filled with flavor. Its structured shape makes it a versatile choice for a variety of dishes, from creamy and cheesy bakes to hearty pasta salads. The ridges on the penne create texture, helping sauces adhere to the pasta and providing a satisfying bite.

1The penne pasta perfectly holds the chunky tomato sauce, making each bite flavorful.
2The curved ends of penne make it easy to spear with a fork, ideal for pasta salads.
3Is penne truly better than linguine?
4- I love penne.
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