Nail polish
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British pronunciation/nˈeɪl pˈɒlɪʃ/
American pronunciation/nˈeɪl pˈɑːlɪʃ/

a cosmetic liquid that is put on the nails to color them and make them look attractive

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nail polish definition and meaning

What is "nail polish"?

Nail polish, also known as nail lacquer, is a cosmetic product applied to the fingernails and toenails to enhance their appearance. It comes in a wide range of colors and finishes, offering endless possibilities for nail art and personal expression. Nail polish typically consists of a liquid formula that dries to a hard, glossy, and long-lasting finish. It is applied using a small brush, and multiple coats can be layered to achieve the desired color intensity. Nail polish is a popular choice for individuals who want to add color, shine, and style to their nails, and it can be easily removed and replaced as desired. Regular use of a base coat and top coat can help protect the nails and prolong the wear of the nail polish.

Her nail polish was candy apple red.
The salon offered a chic glossy grape nail polish.
The manicure showcased a trendy lavender blush nail polish.
The outrageous orange nail polish added a pop of color to her manicure.
The nail polish she chose had a trendy papaya whip hue.
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Meaning of "Nail polish"
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