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British pronunciation/mˈɑːlɪn/
American pronunciation/ˈmɑɹɫən/, /ˈmɑɹɫɪn/

a very large marine fish that has a long body and a long bill inhabiting warm waters, which is caught for sport

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marlin definition and meaning

What is a "marlin"?

A marlin is a large, highly migratory fish found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. It is known for its sleek body, long bill, and vibrant coloration. Marlin is an apex predator, capable of reaching impressive speeds and undertaking remarkable leaps out of the water. It is a prized game fish sought after by anglers for its strength and acrobatic displays. Marlin is also highly regarded for its culinary value, with its firm, flavorful flesh lending itself well to grilling, smoking, or using in ceviche and sushi. With its majestic appearance and sporting reputation, the marlin holds a special place in both the world of sport fishing and gastronomy.

1So Marlin made a number of guns.
2So the cheese and the marlin, for me, the clear winner was the marlin.
3Surprisingly, Marlin survived the attack.
4It's marlin?
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