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British pronunciation/ˈæpəɹə‍l/
American pronunciation/əˈpæɹəɫ/, /əˈpɛɹəɫ/

clothes, used particularly when being sold

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apparel definition and meaning

What is "apparel"?

Apparel refers to clothing, especially of a particular type or for a particular purpose, such as business attire or athletic apparel. It can be used as a collective term for clothes in general, encompassing everything from underwear to outerwear. The term is commonly used in the fashion industry and retail sector to describe the items of clothing that are sold in a store or collection and can be applied to both men's and women's clothing. Apparel may vary in style, design, and material depending on the occasion or need. It can also reflect cultural and societal norms and trends, making it an important aspect of human expression and identity.

to apparel

to dress someone in a particular set of clothes

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to apparel definition and meaning
1Apparel has the biggest problem with excess inventory, in part because of the current trend of fast fashion.
2His apparel, however, still flaunts the logo of his most loyal sponsor, Nike.
3Check out our apparel.
4We can make apparel here.
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