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British pronunciation/ɡˈælɒʃ/
American pronunciation/ɡəˈɫɑʃ/

a rubber-made overshoe that is waterproof and is worn in snow or slush

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galosh definition and meaning

What is a "galosh"?

A galosh is a type of waterproof overshoe that is designed to be worn over other shoes to protect them from rain, snow, or other wet conditions. They are typically made of rubber or other waterproof materials and may feature a slip-on design or a fastening mechanism such as a zipper or buckle. Galoshes are often worn by individuals who work outdoors, such as farmers or construction workers, as well as by city-dwellers who want to protect their shoes from the elements during their commute. They can be purchased in a range of sizes and styles to fit a variety of shoe types, and are typically easy to clean and store when not in use.

1Georgie’s splashing galoshes.
2So, look to galoshes.
3- I can do stuff in galoshes.
4And we brought our galoshes from Kansas City for this day.
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