Dry cleaner
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British pronunciation/dɹˈaɪ klˈiːnə/
American pronunciation/dɹˈaɪ klˈiːnɚ/

an individual who works or owns a business specializing in the cleaning and maintenance of garments and textiles using methods that do not involve water

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dry cleaner definition and meaning

Who is a "dry cleaner"?

A dry cleaner is a professional who operates a business that provides cleaning services for garments and other textiles using specialized solvents instead of water. They are skilled in removing stains, cleaning and preserving fabrics, and restoring clothes to their original condition. They use advanced technology and equipment to dry and clean delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, and cashmere. They often have experience in handling different types of garments and know how to adjust the cleaning process based on the type of fabric and the nature of the stain. Dry cleaners may work independently or be employed by a dry cleaning business. They have strong attention to detail and take pride in their work to ensure customer satisfaction.

The dry cleaner pressed the pleats of the skirt to restore its original shape.
The dry cleaner was able to get the stubborn ink stain out from the shirt.
He prefers to launder his dress shirts at home rather than using a dry cleaner.
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Meaning of "Dry cleaner"
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