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Canada goose

British pronunciation/kˈanədə ɡˈuːs/
American pronunciation/kˈænədə ɡˈuːs/
Canada goose

a common North American wild goose with a black head and neck and a brown body

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Canada goose definition and meaning

What is a "Canada goose"?

The Canada goose is a large waterfowl species native to North America. Recognized by its distinctive black head, white cheeks, and brownish-gray body, the Canada goose is a familiar sight in wetlands, lakes, and grassy fields. These social birds form strong pair bonds and are often seen in large flocks, flying in V-shaped formations during migration. Known for their honking calls, Canada geese are highly adaptable and can be found in urban parks, golf courses, and even agricultural areas. They feed on various plant material, including grasses, grains, and aquatic vegetation. The Canada goose is not only a symbol of Canadian wildlife but also a common and recognizable species across the continent, admired for its beauty and adaptability.

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