Chef's jacket
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British pronunciation/ʃɛfz ˈdʒakɪt/
American pronunciation/ʃɛfz ˈdʒakɪt/

a white, double-breasted jacket worn by chefs in professional kitchens for a polished and hygienic appearance

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chef's jacket definition and meaning

What is a "chef's jacket"?

A chef's jacket is a garment designed to be worn by chefs or other kitchen staff during food preparation. The jacket is typically made of cotton or a cotton blend, with a double-breasted front, long sleeves, and a stand-up collar. The double-breasted design allows for the jacket to be reversed, providing a clean side in case of spills or splatters. Chef's jackets often feature cloth or plastic buttons, which are easy to clean and do not melt if exposed to high heat. The sleeves are usually loose-fitting to allow for air circulation, which helps keep the wearer cool in a hot kitchen environment. Some chef's jackets may also have additional features such as pockets or decorative buttons. Overall, the chef's jacket is a functional and essential piece of clothing for chefs and kitchen staff, providing protection and comfort during long hours of food preparation.

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