Blanket sleeper
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British pronunciation/ˈblaŋkɪt ˈsliːpə/
American pronunciation/ˈblaŋkɪt ˈsliːpər/

a one-piece sleepwear for babies and young children that covers the entire body and includes attached feet

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blanket sleeper definition and meaning

What is a "blanket sleeper"?

A blanket sleeper, also known as a sleep and play or footie pajama, is a type of one-piece pajama that covers the whole body and has built-in feet to keep the wearer warm during sleep. The material used in the construction is typically a soft and comfortable fabric such as cotton or fleece. The design features a zipper that runs from the neckline to the feet, which allows for easy diaper changes. The sleeves and legs are long to provide full coverage, and the neckline is often designed to be snug to keep the baby warm. Blanket sleepers are commonly used for infants and young children as a comfortable and practical sleepwear option.

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