Bay cat
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British pronunciation/beɪ kæt/
American pronunciation/beɪ kæt/

a small wild cat native to the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is recognized by its reddish-brown fur with distinctive white markings on its face and belly.

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bay cat definition and meaning

What is a "bay cat"?

The bay cat, also known as Borneo bay cat or Bornean marbled cat, is a small wildcat species found in Borneo, which is an island in Southeast Asia. The bay cat is known for its elusive and secretive nature, and is one of the rarest and least studied wildcats in the world. It has a unique appearance, with a small body, short legs, and a long tail, and is characterized by its striking coat pattern. The bay cat's fur is reddish-brown to dark chestnut in color, with marbled markings that give it a distinctive and beautiful appearance. It has large, rounded ears and expressive eyes, which are adapted for hunting in low light conditions. The bay cat is believed to be primarily a nocturnal and arboreal species, spending much of its time in trees hunting for prey such as small mammals and birds. Due to its elusive behavior and limited distribution, the bay cat's population status and conservation status remain poorly understood, and it is currently listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Conservation efforts are underway to protect the bay cat and its unique habitat in Borneo.

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