turn one's nose up
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British pronunciation/tˈɜːn wˈɒnz nˈəʊz ˈʌp/
American pronunciation/tˈɜːn wˈʌnz nˈoʊz ˈʌp/

to turn something down because one believes that it is not satisfactory enough

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to [turn] {one's} [nose] up definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "turn one's nose up" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "turn one's nose up" is believed to have originated from the physical gesture of lifting one's nose in the air or tilting it upward. This gesture is often associated with a facial expression of looking down on something or someone, showing that one thinks they are better or superior. Over time, this gesture and expression became associated with the idea of rejecting or showing dislike towards something or someone considered inferior. The phrase is commonly used in informal conversations and can carry a slightly negative or disapproving tone. It conveys the idea of someone displaying a sense of snobbishness or superiority, often looking down upon others or considering themselves above certain things.

Despite the offer of a generous salary, John turned his nose up at the job offer because it didn't align with his career goals.
David's snobby colleagues would often turn their noses up at his ideas during meetings, dismissing them without even considering their merit.
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Meaning of "To [turn] {one's} [nose] up"
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