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Washing line

British pronunciation/wˈɒʃɪŋ lˈaɪn/
American pronunciation/wˈɑːʃɪŋ lˈaɪn/
Washing line

an outdoor cord or rope used for air-drying clothes by hanging them for drying in the open air and sunlight

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washing line definition and meaning

What is a "washing line"?

A washing line, also known as a clothesline, is a piece of rope, cord, or wire that is stretched between two points (such as two trees or two poles) and is used to hang clothes and other items for drying in the sun and wind. The line can be held up by a variety of methods, such as pulleys, hooks, or clips attached to posts or walls. Washing lines are an environmentally friendly way of drying clothes, as they do not require electricity and allow clothes to dry naturally, which can also help to extend the life of clothing items. They are commonly found in backyards, gardens, or on balconies, and can be made of various materials such as cotton, nylon, or wire.

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