Body and soul
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British pronunciation/bˈɒdi and sˈəʊl/
American pronunciation/bˈɑːdi ænd sˈoʊl/

with all that one has

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body and soul definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "body and soul" and when to use it?

The idiom "body and soul" is a figurative expression that reflects the fundamental components of a person. It has been used in English for centuries to describe the entirety of a person, encompassing both the physical (body) and the spiritual or emotional (soul) aspects. This expression is rooted in the concept that humans consist of both their physical and metaphysical selves. People use this phrase to describe a deep, wholehearted commitment or involvement in something, often suggesting that one is fully engaged or devoted with their entire being.

The artist poured his creativity into his work, expressing himself fully, body and soul.
When he was unemployed, it was challenging for him to keep body and soul together, but he eventually found a job.
Despite the hardships, she's managing to keep body and soul together by working multiple jobs.
She dedicated herself to the cause, body and soul, working tirelessly to make a difference.
After losing everything, she wonders how she will keep body and soul together in the coming months.
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Meaning of "Body and soul"
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