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British pronunciation/bˈɒdɪs/
American pronunciation/ˈbɑdɪs/

the upper part of a woman's dress covering the back and chest down to the waist

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bodice definition and meaning

What is a "bodice"?

A bodice is a component of a garment that covers the torso and extends from the shoulders to the waist. It is typically made from a stiff material, such as boned or stiffened fabric, and is used to provide structure and support to a garment, particularly to dresses and corsets. Bodices can be found in a wide range of styles, from fitted and tailored to loose and flowing, and can be decorated with various embellishments, such as lace, embroidery, and beadwork. Bodices can be a defining feature of a garment, providing shape and style, and can be layered with other pieces to create a more complex look.

1Switching bodices.
2Bodices are hard, man.
3On top of the shirt, a woman wears a bodice.
4Tight bodice tucked into some pants.
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