In the bag
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British pronunciation/ɪnðə bˈaɡ/
American pronunciation/ɪnðə bˈæɡ/

used to convey that something is guaranteed to be accomplished

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in the bag definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "in the bag" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "in the bag" is actually uncertain, but there are a few theories about its origins. One theory is that it comes from the world of hunting, where a hunter who successfully shoots and kills an animal would place it in a bag to carry it home, implying a successful hunt. Another theory is that the idiom comes from the sport of horseshoes, where a horseshoe that lands in the scoring area is "in the bag" and scores points for the player, indicating definite success. The idiom is used more generally to describe a situation where achieving success or victory is considered certain or very likely.

There are fourteen colorful candies in the bag.
The team's victory was in the bag as soon as their star player scored the winning goal.
It took a while to disentangle the headphone cords after they got twisted in the bag.
With their significant lead, victory in the game seemed to be in the bag for the home team.
The actor's Oscar win was in the bag after receiving widespread critical acclaim for their performance.
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Meaning of "In the bag"
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