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the dust settle

British pronunciation/ðə dˈʌst sˈɛtəl/
American pronunciation/ðə dˈʌst sˈɛɾəl/
the dust settle

to allow or wait for a situation to become calmer or more stable after a significant change or serious dispute

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What is the origin of the idiom "let the dust settle" and when to use it?

The origin of the phrase "let the dust settle" can be traced back to literal dust settling after a disturbance or commotion, such as a battle or a construction activity. When dust is stirred up, it takes some time for the particles to settle back down and for visibility to improve. This literal concept of waiting for the dust to settle eventually evolved into a metaphorical expression. It is employed to suggest the importance of allowing a period of time for emotions to calm down, tensions to ease, or chaos to subside before making decisions or taking further action.

1I'll call you as soon as the dust settles from the move.
2You should let the dust settle before you make any big decisions.
3We thought we'd let the dust settle before discussing the other matter.
4When the dust settled and the votes were recounted, she had won the election.
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