bet one's life

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British pronunciation/bˈɛt wˈɒnz lˈaɪf bˈuːts bˈɒtəm dˈɒlə/
American pronunciation/bˈɛt wˈʌnz lˈaɪf bˈuːts bˈɑːɾəm dˈɑːlɚ/
to bet one's life

to express strongly and confidently that something is undoubtedly true or will certainly happen

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to [bet] {one's} (life|boots|bottom dollar) definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "bet one's life" and when to use it?

The idiom "bet one's life" is an idiomatic expression that is used to show a high degree of confidence or certainty in a particular outcome or belief. The origin of the phrase is not precisely known, but it likely derives from gambling or betting activities where individuals would wager their most valuable possessions, such as their life, boots, or the last dollar, emphasizing the significance of the bet.

You can bet your boots that the sun will rise tomorrow.
The detective was sure enough of the suspect's guilt to bet his life on the evidence.
With his experience, he can bet his boots that the project will be a success.
She would bet her life that her best friend would keep her secret.
He trusted his instincts and would bet his boots that the missing item was in the last place he looked.
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Definition & Meaning of "To [bet] {one's} (life|boots|bottom dollar)"
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